16 mar. 2009

Painting: "On the Trail" of Alberto Vela

TYPOLOGICAL STUDY: Mexican-American Painting. Piece: Painting (oil on canvas) that shows two men crossing a river. Author: Alberto Ruiz Vela (1920 - 2006), Mexican - American artist. Known for his cityscapes, bullfights and Indian art. His life in the US was centered around Illinois and then The Riverside/Redlands/Calimesa area of California. From: owned, Houston-Texas.

TREATMENT: Painting in a good state of preservation. The main damage is a break at the height of the front legs of the horse. According to the parameters of the art restoration-conservation, has been attached a lining to the back of the painting and also retouching this specific part.
  • Lining attached to the back
  • Formal reintegration (Gesso)
  • Repainting / Retouching
  • Final protection